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Motorola FOCUS66, FOCUS66-2

Topic I keep getting error message: "Add camera."

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We’ve found four reasons why you may be seeing this message:

  1. It is possible that your phone and cameras are connected to a different WiFi networks. Please check that your phone is connected to the network that you selected for your camera and try again.
  2. Your home WiFi network may be experiencing connectivity issues. If your router is not connected (or your signal is much weaker than usual) you may need to reboot it. Hold the router’s reset button and wait a few minutes for it to reboot before trying to connect again. (For more information on how to do this please consult your router’s user manual).
  3. For iOS users, you are not alerted if you have put in the wrong WiFi password. Please carefully re-enter your password and try again.
  4. For Android users, it’s possible that your phone has a better signal range than the camera. Please move your camera closer to your router and try again.

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