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Topic How do I get to the settings menu?

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To go to the Settings menu: touch and hold the Call / Voice touch area of the headset for 8 seconds, and then release. The headset will announce that it is in the "Settings Menu". Follow the voice prompts to turn the following features ON or OFF:

• Ear detect: Sensor for audio detection when in ear. 
• Moto Voice: Always-on voice detection. 
• Voice prompts: Voice dial calls, and more. 
• Caller ID alert: Hear caller ID for incoming calls. 
• Wide-band audio: Use HD Audio Plus for increased clarity and richer sound. 
• Voice answer: Speak to answer incoming calls. 
• Pass through audio: Allows ambient sound through headset. 
Note: This feature is set to off. When turned on it will reduce power, talk, and standby times. 
• Restore factory settings: Reset default settings on your headset. 
Caution: This erases all pairing information stored on the headset.

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