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Motorola Roadster™ Pro

Topic How do I manage calls with the Roadster Pro?

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To answer a call - Say “answer” when prompted or press the call button.

To reject a call - Say “ignore” when prompted or press and hold a volume button until you hear a tone.

To voice dial a call - Press the microphone button. When you hear a tone, follow the prompts to make a call.

To redial the last number dialed - Press the call button.

To mute or unmute a call - Press the mute button. The speakerphone says, “Mute on” or “Mute off”. When mute is on, there will be a red light on the mute button.

To answer a second call - Press the call button. The first call is put on hold.

To end a call - Press the call button.

Tip: When you’re connected to two phones, use the voice prompts on the phone you want for features like voice dial and redial.

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