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Topic How do I store names and numbers ?

Related Products Motorola IT6, IT6-2

You can store up to 1000 names and numbers in the phonebook and additionally‚ to the mobile phonebook. Each name can have a Home, Office and Mobile number saved. Names can be up to 32 characters long (16 for the first name and 16 for the last name) and numbers up to 32 digits. You can also select different ringer melodies for the phonebook entries.

If the IT.6 is connected to a switchboard, you may need to enter a pause in a number. This gives the switchboard time to find an outside line. A pause is normally stored after the switchboard access code (e.g. 9). When storing a number, press and hold the hash tag key until the display shows P. You can then continue storing the phone number. If you have subscribed to Caller ID Service and wish to display the name of your caller instead of the number, save the full telephone number including the area code to your phonebook.

1. Press UP or press Menu and scroll to Phonebook and press OK.

2. The first entry in the phonebook is highlighted.

3. Press Options, Add Entry is highlighted, press OK.

4. First Name is highlighted, press OK, enter the name and press OK.

5. Scroll to Last Name, press OK, enter the name and press OK.

6. Scroll to the number category you want to store the number under, either Home, Office, or Mobile and press OK.

7. Enter the number and press OK, press Save and the entry is stored.

8. Press the end call key to return to standby.

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