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Topic How do I dial from the phonebook?

Related Products Motorola IT6, IT6-2

1. Press UP or press Menu, Phonebook is highlighted, press OK.

2. Scroll to the phonebook list you want, either HOME, Mobile 1 or mobile 2.

3. Scroll to the entry you want to view. Or To search alphabetically, press the key with the first letter of the name, e.g. if the name begins with N, press 6 twice. The display shows the first entry beginning with N. If required, scroll to the exact entry.

4. Press Options and scroll to Show Details, the display shows the available information, scroll to the required number.

5. Press the redial key and scroll to the line you want to dial out from.

6. Press the redial key to dial or the end call key to return to standby.

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