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Topic I have more than one camera paired but the view is from only one camera. How do I select which camera I am viewing?

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This function is only available when you have more than 1 Baby Unit (Camera). 
 1. Press the MENU button and the menu bar will pop up. 
 2. Press the LEFT button or RIGHT button until is highlighted, and the del/ add/ view/ scan menu will pop up. 
 3. Press the UP button or DOWN button to select scan, and press the OK button to confirm. 
 4. The screen will then display images from different registered cameras in a loop of Camera 1*/ 2/ 3/ 4, changing about every 12 seconds. 
TIP: Quick Method to View Cameras instead of entering into the menu bar. Directly press OK repeatedly to select the available Camera options from Camera 1/ 2 / 3 / 4 / Camera Scan icon.

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