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Motorola XT801, XT802, XT811, XT821, XT822, XT831

Topic How can I add a Bluetooth enabled cell phone?

Related Products Motorola XT801, XT802, XT811, XT821, XT822, XT831

To pair and connect a cell phone:

  1. Choose a slot to pair the cell phone. Press and hold CELL 1 and/or CELL 2 on the telephone base for about four seconds until the CELL 1 and/or CELL 2 light flashes.
  • If there is already a cell phone in the slot, the existing cell phone will be erased from the cell devices list.
  1. Turn on the Bluetooth feature of your cell phone. Once your cell phone finds your phone (Motorola XT801/XT802/XT811/XT821/XT822/XT831/XT8), press the appropriate key on your cell phone to continue the pairing process.
  • Your cell phone may prompt you to enter the PIN of the telephone base. The default PIN of the telephone base is 0000.
  • All cell phones that are connected to the telephone base are disconnected temporarily until the pairing process is complete. When the cell phone is successfully paired and connected to the telephone base, the corresponding status icon ( 1 or 2) displays. The corresponding device light (CELL 1 and/or CELL 2) turns on.

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