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Topic Can I download and store recorded videos locally on my device?

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Yes, you can download and save your Motion-Triggered Videos* locally on your device.

Using the app on your iOS smart/mobile device: 
Whilst playing the video, tap on it and you will notice 3 icons appear: one for downloading the video, the second for deleting and the third one for sharing. 

Using the app on your Android smart/mobile device: Whilst playing the video, tap on it and you will notice 2 icons appear: one for deleting the video, and the second for downloading it.

Using the web application on your computer: Go to your timeline, where you will see all your Motion-Triggered Videos. In the left lower corner, a download icon is displayed. When you click on that arrow, you will start downloading the video.

* Please note that the motion-triggered recording feature is part of the limited free-trial, or Cloud Video Recording Service Plan.

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