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Topic How to download/share motion-triggered videos?

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Any motion triggered video you want to keep, you can download or share via your mobile device or via the web app. 

Mobile app:

Android users will see see two options on the left hand side of the event: i. View event and ii. Share. Give a light tap on the preferred option.

When selecting "View event" the video will be displayed.
You can tap the screen in which case 2 icons will appear: one of a bin if you want to delete the video, and one with a little arrow if you want to download it.

Videos will be stored on the internal flash memory of your Android™ device, they can be accessed either from the Gallery or Media Player or in your File Manager in either the Download or Hubble subfile.

When selecting "Share" a screen will pop up showing the sharing options. Select your preferred option and follow the instructions given on the screen. Please note that Whatsapp is not supported.

When using iOS you get the download, the bin icon and the share icon when you select a video. 

When selecting "Download" the video will be saved under Videos. You can access it tapping the Videos icon at the bottom of the screen of your app.

When selecting "Share" a screen will pop up with the available sharing options. Select your preferred option and follow the instructions given on the screen. At this moment Whatsapp and iCould Photo Sharing are not supported due to the format of the videos (FLV files, see also below). 

Web app:

When using the web app (to access the web app you log in on you can also download videos. 

Open the web app, login and click on the Play icon from the main menu in the right upper corner. When you do that, the timeline of the camera with all recorded videos appears.

In each video you can see a tiny arrow in the left lower corner. When you click on that arrow, you will start downloading the video.

These videos are FLV files which can be played using the MPC Classic or VLC Player application

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