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Topic I seem to have WiFi interference with the wireless video baby monitor

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The monitor which you are using operates at 2.4Ghz, using a standard method of FHSS transmission (frequency hopping), but if you are experiencing issues with this, it is quite possible that the 2.4Ghz signal from the camera may be interfering with your router. We do not have any other recorded complaints of this, but it is theoretically possible, as 2.4Ghz interference is the reason why many Media Streaming routers now come with 5.8Ghz options.

As there are no modifiable parameters on the camera, and its method of transmission is fixed, please try the following: 

1. On the camera, re-pair the camera to the parent unit. This will cause the camera to choose a new transmission channel. Following the instructions here: Select “add” at the camera menu screen on the display. Select a camera, 1, 2, 3, or 4. An LED on the display will blink and the display will show “press pair on cam”. On the bottom of the camera unit, press the pair button. A confirmation beep will sound. 

2. If re-pairing the camera and parent unit is not a solution, then on your wireless router, attempt to fix the WiFi Channel to an alternative Channel. Typical settings for routers are "Auto" or "Channel 11" (Default typically). Modifying this to an alternative channel may help. 

3. If adjusting the channel does not help, it may help to adjust your MTU Packet Size on the router. Default setting will be 1494, adjusting to values between 1440-1494, may lead to better results. 

4. Worst case scenarios: A 5.8Ghz router can be used, or an additional network access point can be introduced to increase signal strength, and potentially reduce interference.

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