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Motorola MBP50-G1, MBP50-G2

Topic I have more than one camera paired but the view is from only one camera. How do I select which camera I am viewing?

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This function is only available when you have more than 1 Baby Unit (Camera). When the Split Screen function is On, you can view multiple cameras on the screen, although only hear audio from one screen at a time. 

  1. Press the MENU button and the menu bar will pop up. 
  2. Press the LEFT button or RIGHT button until is highlighted. 
  3. Press UP button or DOWN button to select Split Screen On / Off. 
  4. When the Split Screen function is On, you can press the LEFT button/ RIGHT button/ UP button/ DOWN button to switch between cameras to hear the audio from the selected camera, indicated by the red frame. 
Note: When in multi-screen mode the TALK button operates with the selected camera. If you want to play a lullaby sound through a camera, you must set this before selecting the multi-screen mode. Zoom does not work in multi-screen mode.

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