• The power receptacle on your unit does not hold the adaptor firmly in place.
  • The adapter port feels or looks loose or sunken.
  • When lightly shaking the unit you hear a rattling sound.
  • The LED indicator light does not always come on when the unit is plugged in.
  • You sometimes wiggle or press the power adapter pin at the port to get the indicator light to come on.

The power issue may indicate the Battery if:

  • The unit only works while plugged in.
  • The indicator light shows that the battery is charging when plugged in but unit will not work when you try to use battery only.
  • The indicator light shows that the battery is charging but the unit will only work for a short time (less than 2 hours) using battery only.
  • You have noticed that the battery life has consistently decreased over time and no longer holds a charge for more than 2 hours

The power issue may indicate the Power Adapter cord if:

  • The unit worked at first but stopped working within the first few days has not worked since.
  • The power adapter cord is frayed and/or wire is exposed.
  • The power adapter cord is clearly damaged or broken.
  • The power adapter cord is: not compatible, is the wrong size or is the wrong model number.