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Motorola MBP944CONNECT (Halo+)

Topic How to set up the Baby Unit with Cot Mount Kit?

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Step 1: Fasten the round adaptive plate on the screw thread of the Cot Mount Stand.
Step 2: Place the mount stand against the cot with the screw thread going through the cot bars.
Step 3: Secure the mounting knob on to the screw thread.
Step 4: Keep the stand parallel and tighten the mounting knob so that the cot mount stand is secured to the cot bars.
Step 5: Extend the telescopic leg of the cot stand so the foot is secured to the floor.
Step 6: Tighten the securing knob to lock the telescopic leg in place.
Step 7: Insert the Top Pole (with night light ring) into the cot mount stand. It will lock into place with a 'click'.
Step 8: Dock the baby unit into the top pole (with night light ring).

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