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Topic I am viewing the stream and my Orbit camera doesn't record. What can I do?

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The Orbit camera detects and records motion ONLY when it’s in stand-by mode. Each time you ‘wake up’ the Orbit camera it stays online for 5 minutes and during those 5 minutes it doesn’t detect nor record. This means that when you are viewing the Orbit it does not detect nor record motion. 
This is different:
1. when you open the streaming within that 5 minute’s period. Then the timer starts running again for another 5 minutes.
2. when you exit the app. Then the Orbit goes into stand-by mode right away. If you leave the app open, but idle then the Orbit enters into stand by mode after 5 minutes.
You also may want to keep in mind that the effective range of the Orbit is 5m / 16.4ft. Beyond that range the camera may still pick up motion but it’s possibly to include fake events or not pick up all.

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