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Motorola Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion

Topic How do I use the Babocush?

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To secure your baby into the Babocush, you must follow the instructions below carefully: 
1. The vibrator should be tucked into the pouch in the mattress.
The vibrator is essential to help babies to settle (they tend to not settle as well without it). Turn on the vibration (essential) and sound (optional). The vibrator requires 2 x 1.5v ‘C’ batteries (not supplied)

2. Unfasten all harness straps and lay them out flat. 

3. The baby should be placed tummy down with their face to one side (You may place a muslin cloth below your baby’s face to avoid soiling the Babocush). The baby’s head should always be in the same position on the Babocush, no matter how large or small the baby is. 

4. The middle strap is brought up between the legs and placed on the back. For smaller babies, the middle strap should be folded or tucked inside itself, against the babies back so that the Velcro receptive side is always exposed for the side straps to stick to. As the baby grows, it moves down the Babocush and the middle strap is long enough to allow for this.

5. One of the side straps should be placed on this middle strap and securely fastened with the Velcro. 

6. The second strap should then be pulled over and fastened over the first. The side straps should sit just under the baby’s armpits, to ensure the baby is in the correct position. 

7. The shoulder straps should then be fastened down for extra security. 

8. You should easily be able to place two fingers inside the harness, ensuring it is not fastened too tightly.

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