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Topic How to set up the Baby Unit with the Crib Mount?

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A crib mount with cable management is included which mounts directly to most cribs to allow better viewing. Assemble and install the crib mount using the following steps.
Join the 4 poles and the support base together 
Each pole is connected with power cord inside, manage with care the power cords when removing the poles from the box and during installation. 
Fasten the top clamp either vertically on the upper rail or the slats horizontally. 
Unlock the knob then open the top clamp and bottom clamp, move the supporting pole into the clamps. 
Place then press the bottom clamp below against the lower rail, the stand base is spring loaded. Push the lower pole downward before closing the bottom clamp with knob. This is to allow the lower clamp to exerting clamping force on the lower rail.
Fasten the knobs to close the holders of the top and bottom clamps so that the support poles stand firm and straight, ensure that the supporting poles are positioned stable on the top rail or slates. 
Install the flexible gooseneck extension into the top post. You will hear the click noise when all the sections are properly connected.
Insert the camera unit into the housing at the end of the flexible gooseneck extension, make sure the camera is magnetic mounted. Connect the power adapter plug to the camera unit power socket then close the cover 
Insert the DC plug into the power socket of the Crib mount and connect the power adapter to an electrical outlet.
Power on the camera unit then view the image through the parent unit. Adjust the flexible gooseneck and select from the parent unit different zoom factor (1x, 1.5x or 2x) for optimal view over the crib.

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