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Topic How do I manage settings on the Moto Hint+?

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Touch and hold the Call/Voice Touch area of the headset for 10 seconds, and then release.

The headset will announce that it is in the Settings Menu.

Note: The headset will walk you through all of the options below. After going through all of the options, the headset will power cycle.


Follow the voice prompts to turn the features on or off:

Ear detect: Sensor for audio detect when in ear.

Moto Voice: Always on voice detection (Currently only available on Moto X  2nd Generation)

Voice prompts: Voice dial calls, and more

Caller ID alert: Hear caller ID for incoming calls

Wide-band audio: Use HD Audio Plus for increased clarity and richer sound

Voice answer: Speak to answer incoming calls (Moto Voice required)

Pass through audio: Allows ambient sound through headset (Will use additional battery life when activated)

Restore factory settings: Reset default settings on your headset. This will erase all pairing information stored in the headset. 

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