Topic How does location tracking work?

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The location of your pet is determined by GPS signals and the location of mobile cell towers. As it might take some time for reception of GPS signals, the current location of your pet is tracked via the location of mobile cell towers first (with a wider tolerance, which depends on the mobile network density). Once stable GPS signal is received, the map will be automatically updated with a more accurate location (with minimum tolerance) based on GPS signals. Note that the location information is most accurate if GPS signal reception is good. If GPS signal reception is not good or obstructed, e.g. your pet is indoors or in a location where GPS signal cannot be received, the current location of your pet will be triangulated/estimated based on the signal strength differences between mobile cell towers.To enable GPS tracking, make sure that GPS Notification is set to On and GPS Mode is set to Tracking. Tap on Settings icon to enter Camera Settings> Bark and GPS Settings to check or modify the settings.

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