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Topic My device worked before but now it's not working, what should I do?

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My car kit will not enter pairing mode
Make sure that any devices previously paired with the car kit are turned off. If the status light is flashing in blue, first turn off the other device, then turn the car kit off and on. The status light becomes steadily lit in blue and you hear “ready to pair”.

My phone doesn't find my car kit when searching
Make sure the status light on your car kit is steadily lit in blue when your phone is searching for devices. If not, turn off the car kit and press and hold the call button while turning on again and follow the voice prompts to reset the car kit to factory default condition. The car kit resets and you hear “ready to pair” and see the status light steadily lit in blue.

My car kit does not seem to last for 45 hours of talk time or 5 months of standby time.
The talk time and standby times are dependant on the usage habits. For example high volume levels tend to drain the battery faster while in a call or listening to media.

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