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Motorola Sonic Maxx 820, Sonic Maxx 820 Twin

Topic How can I pair the speaker to my smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth?

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1. Press Mode button to set to Bluetooth mode, or press button to direct to Bluetooth pairing mode. (you can Press and hold the Play/Pause button to erase the previous connections).
2. Choose “Sonic Maxx 820” on your mobile device to connect. 
Once successfully connected, audio will stream from your Bluetooth device to this speaker. 
This speaker can memorize a maximum of 8 paired devices. The ninth paired device will replace the first one. 
The operational range between this speaker and a Bluetooth device is approximately 10 meters (30 feet). 
If a PIN code is requested while connecting a Bluetooth device, enter “0000”. 
Bluetooth performance can be affected by the distance between this product and your Bluetooth device and the environment of operation. 

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