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Topic The battery is drained.

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You can recharge the headset in one of the following ways:

  • Place the headset in the case, and plug the charger into the case’s micro USB port. The headset charges first, then the case.
  • Charge the case first, then place the headset in the case when you need to charge it.
  • Plug the charger directly into the headset’s micro USB port.Your headset uses a micro USB connector to charge.

Charge Headset

Headset Status Light
Green - more than 4 hours talk-time
Yellow - between 2-3 hours talk-time
Red - less than 1 hour talk-time 

Charge Case

Case Status Light
Green - fully charged (two full headset charges)
Yellow - 30-70% charged (one full headset charge)
Red - less than 30% charged (less than one headset charge)

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